Just another day in the life


There we were___on our way to Dallas, I was filled with excitement and
trepidation. Dallas Texas: The beginning of a National tour, In support of  our
first LOVE album.

This is where they fired the "shot heard round the world," a city that will
truly "live in infamy," the place where President Kennedy was assassinated!
On that dreadful day, Arthur and I were at my parent's house, absorbed in a
game of "heads up tonk." Where through the interruption of a ubiquitous TV
game show, we heard the news.

Walter Cronkite's solemn announcement brought tears, then anger and finally
shock. Dazed: we did the only thing we could think of__we took a bus to the
[security] of Hollywood!

Now__barely three years later and I was lost in thought, comfortably
ensconced in the "first Class" cabin, on a flight to Dallas, when the insistent
prodding of Bryan's elbow interrupted my thoughts. "Look who's sitting across
the aisle!" I turned to look, and there He was [big as life] Elvis. All I could
think to say was "dude need's a shave," Over the intercom the Pilot alerted us
too the fasten your seat belt sign__we were landing.

As the jet taxied down the runway we noticed a huge crowd of people waiting
near the ramp."Now that's what it's like being a [real] Rock Star," Bryan observed
(loud enough for the Man himself to hear) "look at all of Elvis's fans__wow!!"
Within minutes we[LOVE}were walking down the ramp, when I noticed a sign:

Welcome to Dallas Airport's Love field. security was all over us__we were
escorted too a bank of microphones, introduced to the Mayor and given the key
too the city! As I looked back I noticed Elvis with a bemused expression, walking
down the ramp with his companion.

It turns out that the group's management in conjunction with Elektra records
had worked out a promotional tie-in to kickoff our tour! The group named "LOVE"
and the city's Love field__"Oh well"

               Just another day in the life:   Johnny Echols