Promoting a Tour

People have emailed me and Facebooked me asking if they can help us push
the Cali '66 Revue tour, as many folks live outside the areas we are
playing on this tour but realize that the liklihood of  west coast
USA/UK/Europe future shows increase with the success of this one.  So
thanks a lot; your love of music and the bands is much appreciated and

First off, we try to get as many people as possible to sign up, sign
thir friends up at the www.california66revue.com site.  Many people have
emailed to say they're forwarded the link to friends in cities we're
supposed to play in.  That's doing us a solid, so SUPA EXTRA CRISPY
thanks on that, yall.

I think these shows are gonna be a lot of fun and I'm kinda looking
forward to playing guitar with Sky and wearing a far out shirt, whereas
with Love I think I am gonna find some cool vests to wear over some
Salvation Army button up short sleeve shirts.

Last night I was knackered from work at the guitar shop.  I hoped the
shuttle and got off at Main street and Ocean park and got myself a few
Shiner Bocks to go with some food Hannah was picking up at Whole Foods.

One of these days -lm gonna hit up Ernie's Tacos in North Hollywood. 
That was Arthur's favorite joint.  Sometimes the band (any of the BLem
guys or Johnny, who use to stay over at Arthur's when we were either
recording or getting ready to go on tour) would be at Arthur's place on
Biloxi working on music or just watching dvds when he would say,"lets
get something to eat" and you knew that would most likely be Ernie's.  I
know they miss him there.  We all miss him.

Blogged from Surf Liquor, Main street Santa Monica

Mike Randle

sixtyeightpercent@yahoo.com (For contacting Baby Lemonade)