Haven't been blogging lately due to just being super busy and then I got
food poisoning from Albertson's deli on Lincoln and Ocean Park (don't
eat the deli baked chicken) and was puking all day sunday and monday. 
I'm nearly better now so am happy about that, yep.

Tour plans are going great.  I think we have 1 more gig for the 15th
that should be booked and then we'll have the whole thing sorted.  Hung
out with Mark & James from Electric Prunes friday (Mark left a session
with Billy Corgan to come out to my house), which was a larf and a
half.  Great guys.  Spoke to Sky Saxon as well, which is always a
memorable moment!

Lastly, I have to report that officially Michael Stuart Ware will not be
able to make the Cali 66 Tour.  Of course we'll miss him and wish him
the best.  Additionally, the amazing David Chapple, due to a prior
commitment, will not be making the tour as well.  He will be replaced by
our friend, David Nolte.

Many of you may remember Nolte from the 2005 Spring UK/Europe Love with
Arthur Lee tour when David and his lovely wife, Natalie, were having
their daughter.  Arthur used to lovingly mispronounce his name as "Mr.
Molte."  Ah, Arthur.

So, more later on...I must be going....cheerios!

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