"Rusty homebound soon"


Ol Rusty is getting ready to fly to LA in July for rehearsals for the
tour.  And, without giving too much away, we'll be playing a song from
the Gethsemene period!  I shant give the track title away, you'll have
to come out and see/ hear for yourself!

And hey, I understand the economy has everyone watching the pennies..me
included.  That's why we have Probyn Gregory playing trumpet (Alone
Again, Clark & Hilldale), Keyboards (Stephanie Knows Who, Andmoreagain,
other tunes), Melodica/Flute parts (Orange Skies, etc), Harmonica and
various other things.

We're doing ATLEAST 3 tunes that either haven't been recorded by LOVE
(but performed) or were recorded (but not performed) since the
mid-to-late 1960's.

I think Arthur would approve.  He loved his original band and their Bido
Lido shows are legendary.  I hope we can capture even a ounce of that
magic.  Even though Arthur is not with us on stage, his heart and soul
never left.  I am really happy and excited to play these shows and
Johnny Echols...whew...he is READY and all the guys in the band are
gonna give the best shows possible.

And I haven't even touched on playing with Sky Saxon...which is a whole
nuther blog and something altogether beautiful on it's own...and thank
the lord for Tina Winter, who has been working hard for the Cali 66
Revue...go Tina!

Blogged from Barney's in Pasadena while Hannah shops the day before our
3 year Anniversay.

Mike Randle

sixtyeightpercent@yahoo.com (For contacting Baby Lemonade)