WMFU interviews Johnny Echols


Try to catch Michael Shelley's interview with Johnny Echols Saturday Aug
1, 12:30pm New York time (9:30am LA time, 5:30pm UK time) either live on
the radio (east coasters) or live web streaming on WFMU's website.

I'm sure this is something not to be missed so tell all your friends! 
We leave in a few days for the tour and just a kind message to our
friends who may have specifically wanted to see the Electric Prunes; we
promise to give you the most awesome show and guarantee you shant be
disappointed!  Of course we looked forward to rocking out every night
with the EPs but through no fault of ours they're no longer a part of
the Cali '66 tour.

That being said, Johnny and the rest of us look forward to meeting you
and sharing this gift of music that we all love so much.

Mike Randle

sixtyeightpercent@yahoo.com (For contacting Baby Lemonade)