The District


Well our plane left LA about 10pm and we landed in DC around 5am East
Coast ime.  Didn't sleep much on the plane and my side hurts from
schlepping guitars around airports (where's Troels and Kose!).  Got met
by tour agent, Pat, and driven to his home in the suburbs after a stop
at Starbucks for coffee and a run through of tour plans.

Finally fell asleep for a bit on the couch while watching cartoons with
Pat's 5 year old son, Bren.  His wife convinced me to go up to a bedroom
and crash out, which I did but not before ringing Hannah back home, who
was probably just shutting off her alarm, as it was about 7am LA time. 
I really miss her even though I only left.  We just moved into a new
place and she emailed me sayings its too big without me...ah shucks. 
That's so sweet but that's Hannah for you; she's the topper most.

I fell asleep again after that and didn't wake up again until about
2:30pm EST.  Rusty, Daddyo and I went to a deli for sandwiches and then
we headed back to Pat's house.  I have killed several mosquitoes since I
began this blog just now.  They are fearless but so am I.

Rusty and Pat are headed to Dulles airport to pick up Johnny Echols. 
BTW, Johnny did an interview saturday with WFMU's Michael Shelley.  Go
to their website and listen to it, I heart was really great.  Thanks to
everyone that's helped us out to get this going, especially Dave Chapple
and thanks to Diane and Judith J for their help with all this.

Signing out at 4:36pm EST yall...

Mike Randle

sixtyeightpercent@yahoo.com (For contacting Baby Lemonade)