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So Johnny, Patrick and I had breakfast with a music journalist named
Josh who was there to interview us about the tour.  It went really well
and Johnny gave him a lot of insight into the early days (including much
informative fodder about the Forever Changes period) and also there was
a general inner perspective on Love's music as part of the discussion.

One of the things that separated Love from many other 60's band was that
they didn't simply litter their records with war songs but instead (and
often tongue-and-cheek) they made quite concrete statements that anyone,
no matter what position you took, could identify with the character AND
the Narrator.

Johnny always seem to drive this point home in interviews and it
certainly reflects his past and current songwriter, that specific social
issues are and will forever be a part of our past, present and future. 
The Music sets the scene and the story is interwoven.  At the end of the
day, however, it either touches you or it doesn't.  And Love's music has
so much depth to it yet it feels so simple.  I love playing it and
people love hearing it and I think the WP writer picked up on that.  Or
at least we hope so!

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