HOTEL JAMMIN w/ Probyn Gregory

Well, we finally reached our final destination...HOBOKEN in da house,
ya'll!  After a grueling, sweaty 5 hour trek through traffic from DC to
Manhattan, we grabbed Probyn and Glenn from in front of Madison Square
Garden.  The streets were CRAMMED with pedestrians and horrible drivers
but at the end of the day, its still the city they named twice, innit?

Probyn was jamming around through the mini Fender amp while I blogged. 
We are splitting over to Michael Shelley's house for dinner, 7 of us! 
Our LA pal, Dan Perloff, is there too so should be fun!  BTW, the DC gig
has definitely been changed to the Velvet Lounge, which is a cooler,
hipper place and right near the 9:30 club.

Blogged from Howard Johnson's in NJ...

Mike Randle

sixtyeightpercent@yahoo.com (For contacting Baby Lemonade)