Love Revisited @ Bootleg Theatre Aug 8



Five more days till our show Sunday.  We added a few tunes and changed a few things.  Probyn and Dan Clucas are both out of town so we are featuring a new Trumpet player to the Love Revisited fold, Atlanta's Derrick Stauffer. 
Sunday's show will also see our brother, Michael Stuart-Ware, join us for 3 or 4 songs!  If you haven't seen the Da Capo/ Forever Changes drummer in action do yoursef a favor and get down there.  We play at 10pm and opening is the ALWAYS entertaining and brilliant, Susan James, followed by LA's favorite sons, The Quarter After, who's stage gear resemble a vintage musical instrument shoppe, will rock their melodic 60's feel with-the-NOW-vibe like only they can.
Come rejoice with Chapple, Johnny, Daddy-0 and myself; we'd love to see you there and say hello.  And Don't forgot to pick up a copy of John Einarson's book, "Forever Changes: Arthur Lee and the Book of Love" if you haven't already.


All the best,

Mike Randle

sixtyeightpercent@yahoo.com (For contacting Baby Lemonade)