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" MJ Post-it note "

well, my blog 100% aint gonna be up before i split (but a sweet fan has offered
her help whe im over)  and i battled the flu for 1 whole week but now that im
better i'm ready for a for real pint.  now interesting that someone emailed me
about the MJ trial.  Of course i called it a long time ago (hey, didnt i also
predict martha's jail sentence and Iran's present issue?  well maybe iran wasnt
that hard...) that MJ was up moonwalk creek.  Now i gotta give it to the
defense cause the mom of the kid is a greedy caniving celeb hunter if you
believe the reports.  and lets say the family was kidnapped by renegade MJ
employees.  ok, i'll by that for now.  HOW do you explain the booze, both MJ
and the accuser's fingerprints on pronography, the internet records of porno
sites that have been collected by the police and the descritption of wacko's

so, let me get this striaght:  i have to believe:

1. Jacko's cronies decided to keep the family prisoner after the airing of the
bashir tape FOR THEIR OWN (as yet, untold ) reasons.  not only that but they
flew them to Miami for an 'intereview' that didnt happen.  AND they had
passports for them to fly to brazil.  why?  no one knows but the prosecution
contends its cause they wanted the family gone while the heat blew off.  Hmm.

2.  the kids picked MJ's wine cellar lock.  or better yet, stole the code.
this would explain why the accuser was drunk, driving a golf cart around

3.  the kids went into MJ's laptop and surfed porn sites EVERYTIME THEY VISITED
without MJ knowing.  Also, they found his stash of booze (whiskey, wine,
bourbon, vodka) underneath the bathroom sink without him knowing it.  Oh, Wacko
don't drink hard liquor.  (Who's it for?  Liza Mannelli?)

4. both kids, under extreme scrutiny from professional child psychologist from
both sides INCLUDING the top 'kiddy liar catcher' in the USA, passed EVERY
tests they were questioned with.  Every single person swears these kids are
either complete geniuses or they are telling the gospel truth.

5. that somehow these kids saw MJ naked when he didn't know.  So far teh
defense hasn't  answered that question.  My guess is they'll say MJ must have
left a door open and they peeked.  innocent enough.  The Boys say he walked out
the bathroom naked, past them to pick something up off the bed, and then went
back to the bathroom.  what did he pick up?  yuk.  this story fly from MJ's
perspective cause it's hard to prove it was intentional.  except for one
problem.  the MOONWALKER had a little MOONROVER happening.  Yep, according to
the boys, Jacko was sportin wood and they described some discolor underneath
his, er, well you know what i mean.

So, i think if the defense can get around these 5 things they'll have MJ
moonwalking and in the studio making more dance records before the end of the
summer. and more sleepovers.

all the best,Mike








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