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Day 20 Let’s Go To Glasgow
February 21, 2004

The drive to Glasgow was serene. I love Scotland. Too bad it’s so damn cold. Keith and I pulled into the hotel about 5 minutes behind the bus. it was 1pm. we did our laundry and when we came back there was some problems and disagreements. Unfortunately, our merch guy, Ant, quit. it’s not easy to find competent, honest and cool people like him. Ant, i’m sorry it didn’t work out. and we don’t blame you for leaving. Keith and i head on the subway to meet up with Paul Barr, Scotland’s favorite son! Keith and I played with him and some bloke in the pool. they beat us 4-0. i had things on my mind. we went back to the hotel about around 6pm. things were still wacky. hopefully they would improve tomorrow. we all went back out, got some chinese food and then went to Nice n Sleazy and then went to King Tuts to see Brian Jonestown Massacre. They were great and we all had beers afterwards, Keith tried to get us into a club afterwards but no luck. we got kebabs, and taxi’d back to the hotel. bedtime was about 2am.