Guide of Bootlegs (Magazine)

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Guide of Bootlegs (Magazine)

Post by LizardMojoRisin »

Hello, People .... I am looking for a magazine where it contains a list of bootlegs, I dont Remember the name, someone who could help in the name of the magazine to me or that could send a link to be able to visualize it, am sorry about the inconvenience.... :)

I want have a guide for my collection of bootlegs :cry:
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Post by Hugo »

Probably you mean this:

The Doors Quarterly Bootleg CD Guide
Select an entry from the picklist and click "Go and get it".

This material has been used in the book of Rainer Moddemann, The Doors On Stage.
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Re: Guide of Bootlegs (Magazine)

Post by Stefan »

Maybe I can help you ... see this: ... 13771.html ... se/3402000

The autor is Fulvio Fiore, Italy ... but that is from 1989 ... so ...
I hope I could help you.
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