Deadpool, Rorscharch's Journal

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Deadpool, Rorscharch's Journal

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When I heard that song
"Angel in the Morning"
playing along
with Deadpool

I saw they understood
the beams of SETI
came back

Wild Child
You Always Wore a Mask

Dropped down from the sky
feeling the pain w every bullet
Scorned & Mocked
Chased to kill

the Signal
stronger then ever

That? Was it
The capstone

the foolish things we did
all out of the deepest love

'they come to kill the Rooster
but, you know
he's not ever going to die'

every word, every action
the sharp edge of the katana
impossible accuracy
without even trying

the stupid things done for love
that all the scientists in the world
could not understand

the journal of the deadman
dropped in the now silent news cycle
the story is all ready over

and it has yet
to even
really begin

hidden in the Maze
the bull god

all the lies surrounding
they believe what they want to
not that, not him
it is Elvis who lives
the neon sign said

for them, it has to be someone
who is someone else
not someone
who just is
and no matter what that one said
or did
he was always exactly who he is

under the war garment mask
of the Unknown Soldier

the one who died twice
sealing their fate
the one who lived before
speaking for his both

they are coming
the water is dried up
the path made clear

nothing could appear more random
less planned
nothing has been
more planned out
without failure
Hope and Faith and Love, hope and faith will be obsolete, but never love -- Me . Just kidding. Hope & Faith & Love. Forever. (I lied to Paul, or my Angel did... I forget... hehehe... I invented joking & poker. Just don't tell the girls...
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