Authenticy of this commentary??

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Authenticy of this commentary??

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I wondered Vince if you remember this event. Also, if you click on the number next to your name, the rather mean assertion against you by the writer. Wondered your thoughts and recollections and if you ever read any of this.


What followed was the attempt of playing Back Door Man and Five To One , both interrupted by Jim's rap. When it came to Touch Me Jim first threw his shirt into the auditorium and then planned to shed his leather pants , he rarely wrote and underwear, but at this concert he did and so he knew what he was doing and wanted to stay within the legal limits. But Vince Treanor 34 stopped him and the arrival of Paradise would be delayed.

Here is the assertion as well as the link if you did not see this. :?:

The band's equipment manager and Jim's on-stage source for alcohol ... tthFrefADF
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Jim did not take his pans off, regardless of whther he was wearing underwear or not.

He would not have been able to pull his pants down since, at Ray's request, I was holding them up as high as possible. I was standing directly behind him and would have felt any motion the he made to open his fly. Still, his pants were so high it is unlikely that he could have takenanything out.

I did not supply Jim with acohol on stage. In fact, when he had 6 paks placed on stage, I often removed cans from the pack to reduce the amount he could drink.

The crownd did not dance on stage. First, we would not let them up there, Second, the stage was already in a state of near collapse.

The promotor did shove jim off stage.

He did take one of the Cops caps and toss it into the crownd.

He did leave for vacation 3 days before the arrest warrant was issued. That arrest warrant by the FBI waspurely political and sensational. It was intended to inflame the situation and make the Dade County Prosecutor look better.

Whether the judge allowed community standard defense into the trial or not, no photos showed that Jim was exposing himself. I was not asked to testify.

Pamely was burried using Pamela Susan Morrison on her grave site. This was done by her parents, not by Pam since she was dead.

There are many other errors and many grammar errors in this stoy. I wonder who write it and with whatintent. Sounds more like something Stone would want to hear.

Bythe way, Jim;s exhortation of the Audience to get nakes was taken seriously. There were very few people in that room who had some or all of their clothing still on bythe time the night was over. Stone did a small version of this in the movie but it was not a snake dance since there was no room to move. They just took iot off anf got excisted about rubbing body parts together lubricated by generous amounts of sweat.
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