John Densmore's Tribal Jazz

We're lucky to have former Doors road manager Vince Treanor here to answer fan questions and share some of his memories. Ask Vince about anything related to the equipment The Doors used, stage set-ups, specific concerts, the band after Jim's death, and working on the Oliver Stone movie.

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John Densmore's Tribal Jazz

Post by Stuart »

Hi Vince, Their Debut Album will be out on Oct 17th, what do you think of them?.

Go to "Music" to hear some of their tracks.

I cant wait to pick up a copy, should be interesting the album.
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John's Album

Post by vince »

Iwent to the site and clicked but got nothing. Maybe later but not hopefull.

It is nice to see John, if only in photos. I hope he has ultimate success with this venture. He is a great musician and a wonderful person. He has worked long and seriously to investigate many forms of music. Perhaps thisone will be a really dramatic achievement.

John was quita jokerin his time and insisted that I was crazy, along with Robby. I know John is crazy as well - Crazy over making music.

I hope he has awonderful time with this one.
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The Doors

Post by Stuart »

Thank You For your Response Vince.
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Post by jim4371 »

Try this link, skips the intro animation.
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