Moore Theater - Seattle 1970

We're lucky to have former Doors road manager Vince Treanor here to answer fan questions and share some of his memories. Ask Vince about anything related to the equipment The Doors used, stage set-ups, specific concerts, the band after Jim's death, and working on the Oliver Stone movie.

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Moore Theater - Seattle 1970

Post by $unshine »

Hello Vince,

I put the question a few moments ago... :roll:
I suppose that you was present during this concert.
Do you remember what occurred ? There were guests "bluesy" _

Greetings from France :wink:
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Post by vince »

I was"Present" at all Doors performancesfrom December 26, 1967until January 19th 1972.

During that period if I was not there, neither was their equipment.

To rephrase an old saying - What if someone gave a concert and the equipment didn't come?

The performances in that era could be anything. There was a transition going on that moved them from the more populer, well known Doors songs of 1967 to a Blues style music more suited to Jim's failing voice and less energetic performances.

This included much more "poetry" and philosophy from Jim than had been in the early concerts. He alsodid more "Lecturing" to the crowds about repression, control and conditioning by false and synthetic standards and morals.
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