Bobby Ray Henson died in 2012. I am keeping the topic for the stories Bobby Ray has written

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Bobby Ray,
Did you ever felt, when going on tour that people were a bit dissapointed about the music The Doors played?
You wrote that every tour good be the least.Was this one of the reasons?
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the last tour that the doors did in 1972 went amazingly well by all accounts. The album put out around this time (Full Circle ) was a real dud however.
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I think the first question was, were people dissapointed by the music. I listened today for the first time in what, 35 years to one of of concerts. It awaken many memories of what I don't remenber. Meaning I was surprised by what I heard. It was the singing that sucked not the music. Even the talking. Things said to the audiance. My B.A. is in acting and I know something about voice. And people know when you are singing or talking the truth. That was missing. The music blew me away from the unmixed versoin I heard. Ships with Sails, I loved it.
The Doors could have replaced Jim with someone who would sound just like him. I heard this. And with this comes a very heavy question: Do you replace Jim with a mimic and live in the past or go forward to the next step?
When I wrote every tour was the last I meant the last tour for me. I just couldn't see what I was adding to the mix to keep me on. Bit after we played the Hollywood Bowl I knew this phase of Doors history was over.
I have been asked question about the intent of certain lyrics. I will say right now I do not know and it never came to mind. That's not saying that there are not any. Who knows what lurks in the minds of men.
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