Toronto 1969 Festival

We're lucky to have former Doors road manager Vince Treanor here to answer fan questions and share some of his memories. Ask Vince about anything related to the equipment The Doors used, stage set-ups, specific concerts, the band after Jim's death, and working on the Oliver Stone movie.

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wha happened wrote:
Silver Forest wrote: In my perspective your post is a final word on all those rumpurs. This show was not filmed professionaly. Thanks for the infos.
Silver, the entire Toronto Rock N Roll Revival was filmed. No rumors. Pennebaker's Doors footage is in the hands of a well known Book publisher. Jampol can't even come to a deal with the release of the Isle Of Wight footage, so we can expect to never see Toronto or other things like Boston pro shot and the portions of Hawaii '70 that were also filmed.
- Are you telling me that Boston 1970 was filmed???!!!

Where do you know this?

Everyone calls you Greg. Is that Greg Shaw?
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G-diddy, aka Wha Happened, although an unusual and knowledgeable enigma of the boards, to the best of my knowledge is not Greg Shaw.
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