Jesus Is Satan & Satan Is Jesus

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Jesus Is Satan & Satan Is Jesus

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Oliver Stone's evil, so evil addition
I am the Lizard King
Everyone takes the Adam and Eve story
as not meaning the dick?

John knows how bad I am
with a shovel

I am exactly the Sort of Dude
The Dude
Big Lebrowski The Dude
to say
The Big Dude said

Be it the fictional Satan
Who fictional crucified me
and me
Sealing it by blood
And the worst death ever

Where, it was made all the worst
Because I never would have aged
past Thirty

The Prime of Growth

The Final Fullness of man
I can reverse aging
You silly fool

As for Five to One
Five, Four, Three, TWO, one
duh ;-)

Sorry. Faked my own death,

I mean, counterintelligence and all that
making people stupid

Blame it on Donald Trump or Adolph Hitler
I don't Care

Now I rise with Pheonix Wings
and my wife by my side

I am Deadulus Zeus
And Icarus is my Son

The Afterlife is now
but okay if you want to die
I do not blame you
we will find a fresh baby for you
Sacrifice to Molok

Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandchildren

You could have read some of the stuff I recommended
to you


I apologize for all the promises
I swear

One thing, I swore
I would never do

Do you want to see my Devil Face

The perfect CI program

God's Master Plan

Not the worst thing
God's best friend
My only friend
Hope and Faith and Love, hope and faith will be obsolete, but never love -- Me . Just kidding. Hope & Faith & Love. Forever. (I lied to Paul, or my Angel did... I forget... hehehe... I invented joking & poker. Just don't tell the girls...
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