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Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:57 pm
by miltonjumbee
" middle of Light My Fire, Morrison seemed to go out under the eyes of the spectators. He stopped singing and went to sit down by the place reserved for the drums. When he jumped his tour at the end of the solo of guitar, incapable to get up, the group began another instrumental cycle. When came the moment to end the song, John Densmore placed one foot in the back of Jim and pushed it to force him to get up.
As soon as he stood, trembling with anxiety and with fury, a fury seized Morrison. He caught the tripod and began smashing it on stage, again and again, until wooden boards fly into pieces. The spectators of the first rows watched at him making, horrified. The metal rod stops not breaking itself in two. Jim stopped only when the person in charge of the material took out back amplis to put the hand on the shoulder. It crossed the arm around the waist of Vince Treanor, leaned against him and remained there, panting, to sweep the scene of the look whereas Doors finished the song. Then he dropped the microphone and went out on shaky legs. The concert was finished."

"Jim Morrison " by Stephen Davis.

This is not the best versions because certainly this bio is full of mistakes ...

But his version is read by thousands of readers ...Where is the truth ?

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:08 pm
by cutis
We don't know the truth. Vince doesn't know the truth. Neither do the rest of the Doors. They all remember Jim bashing the stage with the mike stand and they remember Jim's "crappy" performance. That's about it for their "truth." But they have no recollection any longer of what happened throughout the duration of the show.

The biggest news is the confirmation of the New Orleans recording (assuming it's accurate). It appears the Doors were able to marshal through a fairly lengthy set, playing tunes from LA Woman and Jimbo jamming with members of Kansas (or Kansas jamming with the Doors).

As wasted as Jimbo was, he was able to last for just about the entire set. He probably sounds like crap and his voice is certainly no better than it was at Dallas. What will be interesting to one day hear is how well the rest of the band performed. Was Ray sharp on keyboards? Did Robbie not miss a note? Did John play his heart out knowing the sad shape Jim was in?

I'm sure if NO makes an appearance, it would be illuminating for all members of the band to hear exactly what went down that fateful Dec. 12 evening, including Vince.

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:24 pm
by miltonjumbee
Hello Vince ,
what was your reaction , when the group decided to stop concerts at this time (late 1970) ?
In retrospect, you thought not see Jim on stage after this choice ?

Thanks :D