Michael's answer-post Forever Changes gigs & songs

Michael Stuart-Ware (drummer on LoVE's classic albums Da Capo and Forever Changes) and Johnny Echols (lead guitarist and co-founder of LoVE) have joined us here on the Forum to answer your questions about their time with LoVE.At this moment they are not active as members and are not answering questions but I'm proud to have them both aboard at The Freedom Man Forum!

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Michael's answer-post Forever Changes gigs & songs

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Michael's kind and entertaining response to questions about post FC gigs and songs performed...

From the time I joined the band, we played less and less for different reasons. The main reason was Arthur didn't like to travel anyway, because, you know, he dug the comforts of home, then he got mad at Bryan and he didn't want to appear on stage with him any more, so turning down opportunities to play gigs became the norm. Johnny and Kenny and I were collateral damage. We were caught in the crossfire, so to speak. Arthur had all the say as to when we played and he usually just got real aggravated when somebody else in the band talked to a promoter about accepting offers to play, so after a while, Johnny and Kenny and I just let it alone. I mean, we couldn't make him play.

By the time we recorded Forever Changes, the band almost never appeared in public any more and really didn't associate with each other much either. We may have played a few gigs after the aborted Miami Pops Festival gig, but I can't recall any, and at those few gigs we did play, (if we did) we might have played a couple of the cuts off the album but I can't remember that either. Some of the tunes didn't have strings or horns so it was probably one of these tunes, I guess...like I say, if we did.

Looooong time ago and getting longer every day.

All the best, Michael

I can't tell you all just what a kind and good guy Michael is. Those of you that have had the personal pleasure of receiving his insightful and honest thoughts about his days with Love know what I mean.

Michael was the heartbeat of Love.



Michael told me he always disliked this photograph, so I did the photoshop treatment (you see above) for him.....hopefully it will be in the new reprint of Pegasus...he submitted it for inclusion but couldn't promise they would use it.

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music".

-Aldous Huxley
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