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old groupies on you

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:08 pm
by manuel08
here what a old groupie says about you on the doors forum and there are a lot worse..."Sorry, Hambone, but the minute you identified Treanor as your source you lost what little credibility you had in the first place. I've heard from people who left his site because of his negativity, because of some of the outlandish things he was claiming." now what is really funny is that this old groupie speaks about credibility when she claims she was morrison's lover and friend..and thennn -who is the only person saying this??..salli stevenson uhm..very credible then, -especially when you consider that stevenson claims that "From October 14, 1970 to the day Jim left for Miami, she spent about 20 hours a day, every day, with Jim and Babe Hill" the real tragedy are zombies lizard king fans who believe this type of bullshit and other. -so this about people speaking about your credibility..and then, this old groupie has not yet realized that this isn't your site lol..and that if the doors official forum is dead is thanks to their the way here my reply to her since i have the balls to respond directly to people and not behind the backs on other forum. how many lions i see -look who's talking to lost credibility..frankly you make me laugh erwin as usual, now also Treanor and his credibility..the only person without credibility are you and your friend stevenson who claims "From October 14, 1970 to the day Jim left for Miami, she spent about 20 hours a day, every day, with Jim and Babe you knew morrison according to this person -here is your no credibility and this is the reason why this forum is desert over that nonsense you said on freedomman forum and treanor who actually knew least stop to say that other are liars or have little credibility when you and your friend are the worst ever seen..or try to explain who gives you credibility as morrison's friend..? yourself? keep dreaming ol'Groupie.- now vince i know people like you and frank do not want meddle yours names and good reputation with these people and you prefer not to say anything but at least you know, ... 1900&st=80

Posted: Wed Dec 25, 2013 2:11 pm
by freedomgirl
Yes manuel08, another one of their phantastic stories... Salli was with Jim and Babe Hill twenty hours a day... Why would Jim want to be with Salli twenty hours a day?? Didn´t he have enough problems already?! You did the right thing to respond to this in my opinion, I do too. Unfortunately there are many people who believe everything these self proclaimed Morrison "experts" say or are afraid to disagree with them cause they are afraid of their mean comments. It wouldn´t even bother me if what they say often wasn´t in Jim´s favour. I can understand that Vince, Frank and others who REALLY knew Jim don´t have any desire to get into this bullshit, but sometimes I wish they would say something about it cause to many people believe everything they say blindly and as I stated before it often isn´t in Jim´s favour.

Personally I often wonder who this West Coast journalist in as they ( Erwin and Salli Stevenson) say "terrible" Patricia Butler´s book is who chased Jim... How many West Coast journalists are there young, female, attractive who did an interview with Jim and were right there in L.A. (to chase him)? Of course I never got an answer to it when I brought it up from one of these old groupies. Morrison "experts" ha! I just wish more people would bother to think about what they say, and somebody sometimes would stop them, somebody who really knew Jim... [/i] :wink: