The death of a distant friend

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The death of a distant friend

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It is with some shock and dismay with a lot of sadness that I learned of the Death of Ray Manzarek this morning. I spent 4 years of my life with him, helping him to make some amazing music. My condolences to Dorothy a wonderful person who shared Ray's life with him.

I had hopes that despite all odds, perhaps the guys could put differences aside and once again do a Doors set, a last reunion and once again make the wonderful, mysterious, exciting sounds that they were capable of. For some blissfully fortunate few, they could see that head rocking over the keyboard and hear the sounds of that old gold piano bass, and the whine of the organ.

No chance now. I am so sad. But no one can take the memories from me. Those I shall keep close and dear for what time I have left.

There is nothing that one can say at a time like this without the danger of being trite or wrapping thoughts into clichet. One thing is certan, his suffering is over.

He cannot play any more. But the music he helped create will live on though he can not. More than anthing one can say, that music will speak for him.

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