Technical information and other truths...

All about the Bright Midnight Releases.

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Technical information and other truths...

Post by mystery_train67 »

Most, if not all, BMA releases included a section in the liner notes called Technical information and other truths.

My favourite thing about the BMA releases was this section. I loved to know about the process of making the recording. It's a shame they didn't say too much about how they treat them in post production. Some things are obvious, but I'd really like to know what Bruce B did to polish some of these sounds up.

More to the point, why hasn't bruce written a book, or better yet, george martin, about the process from tracking to mixing in the studio. I'd love to know how they pulled some of the sounds off, like how they recorded and mixed the drums for TSP vs MH. Both nice, but different drum sounds.

I'm an aspiring sound guy and have been getting some work in film, which is great, but I the more I learn and the more I do this sound stuff, the more I really want to know exactly how my favourite albums were made.
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Post by Hugo »

After some searching I find a book called:

Making Music: The Guide to Writing, Performing & Recording, publication date 1983. by George Martin

Quill Trade Paperback with 352 pages. Approx. Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/4. How to Write Popular Music - How to Perform Music - How to Record Music - How the Music Business Works - George Martin is one of the world's most celebrated record producers. He is best known for launching the Beatles by giving them their first recording contract, and he produced every Beatle Album.
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Post by Porsche »

A few years back, Botnick said he thought about doing a podcast one day talking about some of this stuff, but he's never gone through with it. Would be nice to learn more about his work and some of the challenges he's run into working on the AL tapes alone.
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