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Stuido goings on

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 12:49 pm
by Dougs
Hey Vince

Where you ever asked to particpate in the recording sessions be in percussion or somenthing like that?

Did Pam ever attend recording sessions did her persence in anyway improve or hinder Jims singing?

Did the band ever allow fans in to watch?

Was Jim approachable or did he shy away from strangers?



Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 2:16 pm
by vince
I played the Clavisin Hello, I Love you. I also assisted Ray with "Stop" changes in Adagio.

Otherwise I was an observer.

With Pan in the studio, everyone was on edgebecaseshe could decidedit was time for her AND jim to leave at almost any moment. The result was not pleasant foranyone. Jim would not leave, perhaps as much to spite her as to do the recording, and she would put on a pout with constant mutterings.

The Recording sessions were usually closed session to all but the most inner circle. Initially people might drop in but things got out of hand and the control room got loud and rowdy. It is not that any one objected to a good time but it was costing $100.00 per hour in 1968 dollars and there was only so much time allowed for the recording sessions in the budget.
In the end the doors were closed to outsiders.

Jim was shy. He was approachable but it depended on his mood. If he was not too happy or impressed or wasin a particularly unhappy stateof mind, youhadnochance becausehe "Had an appointment" Sorry but he had to go. Usually out the front door around to the back gate and into the rehearsal room to wait it out. "Vince, Ahh,would you mindnot letting anyonein for awhile..." with a sort of sly smileand tilt of the head.

If he did reallyhavetime, you were not too aggressive or personal, he was a charmer. As long as he could control the conversation.