Danny Sugerman

We're lucky to have former Doors road manager Vince Treanor here to answer fan questions and share some of his memories. Ask Vince about anything related to the equipment The Doors used, stage set-ups, specific concerts, the band after Jim's death, and working on the Oliver Stone movie.

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Danny Sugerman


I don't know if this is asked somewhere else so if it is repeated I'm sorry! their is 1 thing I really want to know- if Danny was so close to Jim, how come we don't ever see him in the footages we've got? how come he is never in photos with Jim or even near / with Ray, Robby, John? I know he only answered fan mail if that's what he did and didn't he go on tour with you guys? and he just took your stories and made it his own? because I kinda don't know what to believe as it's really hard interpret what I feel from NOHGA as some say it's lies some say it's good, and I feel stuck in middle as it's a book I read once but wasn't really interested, I rather enjoyed the radio show with Jim Ladd and The Doors!
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