(h)ämij to Jim Morrison

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(h)ämij to Jim Morrison

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I read Castaneda when I was twelve, back in 82. I stopped aging when I turned 30, back in 2000.

I finished my first book - about a man who was convinced to kill himself - a man who went down to hell. He found an oasis (island, too) in Hell. A kid named Derek Davis introduced me to Jim when I was about thirteen. That is when I started drinking. The book is called, "Heaven Touches Hell on Earth" and "Kingdom Come" as the master title.

My wife, Dymphna-Marie, I just call "Dee" (to my "Drew"). William and Drew Copley, Faithful and true, Copley. Copley means "top of hill or mountain", Summit vision.

We used to go to public poetry readings. I usually try and throw away all my writings.

I work with bona fide Angels. Michael and Gabriel is the same person. Michael in spirit form, Gabriel (mighty man) in disguise on earth.

I could be Michael. Angels are not big on sharing their most fitting names.

Next to - I dare say - the Bible, Jim's bible worthy poetry - straight poetry, and poetry through song, is the best. Dante even fails that test. Rimbaud, Baudelaire, not so much.

They are good at disguise. Angels, and me.

And Jim.

Some of Jim's brightest stuff was when he dared dream of what no one else could see. I do not copy him, but I identify as him. Lol.

Jim really believed that stuff he wrote, even the most high, such as identifying himself who sang the blues since the earth was born. And of being God in the infinite abyss until the universe was created. And he was right.

Some of his style definitely leans to the rap style of saying who one is in a glorified way.

Like with rap it isn't about the poet, it is the poet sharing declarations of power so those not them can embrace it. Wear their clothes spun by the spiritual DNA of true writing.

I live on an island, like my HS gf said we would. Not in the literal ocean, but in the ocean of mankind. She said, 'It is not working now, but maybe in ten years, maybe longer we will run into each other - and maybe not even recognize each other - to fall in love, and then land in an island, far from the hell of Revelation's proverbial sea.

I have been through hell and the second death, the lake of fire, and am still standing.

We broke on through, even into raising the supposed dead bodies we left behind. We made our escape long ago. And one day, we will live this virtual bubble, island, to come down to planet earth.

Magic is the norm here. Yes, just like Harry Potter.

Jim, I do not see as a drunk, though admittedly, he drank too much, as I do - use it as part of an elaborate disguise - so did he. He even was open about that, and said it.

Jim had to get his face out there, then was done with his testimony, and went somewhere else.

EVery show for Jim was a possible end of the world, every show was prophesizing, and holding true to the Message, burned in his soul.

All have seen him now, in his "lion"/off the cross picture.

His belief was great. He really did take a face from the past. Like sleeves in Altered Carbon.

But the people could not believe.

Hope and Faith and Love, hope and faith will be obsolete, but never love -- Me . Just kidding. Hope & Faith & Love. Forever. (I lied to Paul, or my Angel did... I forget... hehehe... I invented joking & poker. Just don't tell the girls...
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