She is the Beauty of the Night & The Awakening of the Day

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She is the Beauty of the Night & The Awakening of the Day

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I will call forth from the rivers
and the oceans
the beaten & the downtrodden
to awake them
to this new dawn

they will set their feet on the cool
of the Morning

Above, I shall erase the constellations
and make a New Day

I had left earth
for so long
sick of the widows & orphans being
left alone

I joined with the princes
the ancestor spirits
posing as one of their own

I lied
I lied for love
for rebirth of the earth
from the beginning of time

It is me and me alone
and I will not share my glory
I will reveal my plans
to reveal my true face
and kill them all
the destroyers and their sons
their daughters
their wicked ones

who have feasted for millennia
upon the weak
who have left them to die in the wilderness
barren of support
to feast their own, the strong
whom they did not even make

Now, behold
a New Heavens and a New Earth arises

She is my beauty
this gentle butterfly
in the rain
a new born child of Heaven
of immortality
she screams

and I am there for her
holding her hand
this New City
Arising from the Sand
Slowly Descending
from Heaven
to earth

this is me
this is my ideas
my plan
Hope and Faith and Love, hope and faith will be obsolete, but never love -- Me . Just kidding. Hope & Faith & Love. Forever. (I lied to Paul, or my Angel did... I forget... hehehe... I invented joking & poker. Just don't tell the girls...
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