The Spirituality of Jim

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The Spirituality of Jim

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there's a lot of singers, and a lot of songs
but you knew the name
of them all

you saw the future of
and how things would unfold
big and small

The Shaman, Dionysus
clothes you threw on
adapting to the jungle
in song

the Lizard King, the Monster Man
you maybe did not help them all
just yet
we sometimes just

... listen to the wind, and walk on through...

'We don't eat', countdown
The strangest of all the songs
'remember when we cried'

'they wear disguises'
'the pain shows your strength'
how right, we find you were

they can fault you for your drinking
'a good disguise'
but how do we make our way
without boldly jumping into the fray
True hearted

there's a lot of singers, a lot of songs
down here
on planet earth
but, you were the brightest of them are
and still are

Sea shell island, and Ray's sad dream

we wish you were still here
to see us through the day
and all her remaining Woe

but, you are somewhere 'out there'
'past the stars'
that illusionary wall

come back again to us
we are all gardners among the stars

worms in cocoons
and infants in wombs

screaming towards the light


Thank you for giving us some life
Hope and Faith and Love, hope and faith will be obsolete, but never love -- Me . Just kidding. Hope & Faith & Love. Forever. (I lied to Paul, or my Angel did... I forget... hehehe... I invented joking & poker. Just don't tell the girls...
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