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“Kat can run, but she can’t hide”
February 11, 2003

So Rusty and I were having dinner with some old friends last night at Micelli’s (off Hollywood Bl and Las Palmas), the occasion being it was David “Cookiehead” Jenkins’ birthday and every year he has dinner there. At a certain point, I started talking to Wendy Sandoval (who is married to Andrew, who has contributed significantly to LOVE re-issue liner notes and such) about East Enders…turns out it also comes on KOCE, a local tv station but they show it FROM THREE BLOODY YEARS AGO!!!!!! So I clued her in on the Direct TV deal and how it comes on Saturdays. She was VERY impressed, as she should be.

But as you know, I have been in deep thought about how to get Kat out to one of the shows, you know, to NOTICE me…and I’ll tell ya…IT AIN’T EASY. But Irish Barry has hatched a plan that is getting more and more interesting as the hours pass. A plan so outrageous, so nutty, so utterly juvenile and pathetic it just might work.

The big question was….how do you get her attention? Barry figures, next time I am in England I should go to a football match and streak naked across the pitch during the game with Kat’s picture hung around my neck and her name written (in felt marker) across my arse. Barry figures I’ll make the TV news and all the newspapers, she’ll read all about it and who I am and probably go to one of the concerts out of curiosity… and BINGO!

Of course, he ends his idea by saying, “Well, maybe not, Mike. But, fuck, I’d die laughing if you tried that!”