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Spaceland April 2 2002

1 CD
sound 9 audio 52:53

1 > My Little Red Book
2 > Your Mind And We
3 > She Comes In Colours
4 > Between Clark And Hilldale
5 > Alone Again Or
6 > Andmoreagain
7 > 7 & 7 Is
8 > Live And Let Live
9 > You Set The Scene
10> A House Is Not A Motel
11> Signed D.C.
12> Singing Cowboy

The Secret show in The Spaceland!
The beginning of the Arthur Lee & Love Spring 2002 Tour.

Morley Bartnoff’s review

Love… Me? Two Times

Who? Love with Arthur Lee and Baby Lemonade

Where? Spaceland in Silverlake and The Knitting Factory In Hollywood

When? Tuesday, April 2 And Wednesday, May 1st

Why? Because powerful music can uplift your spirit and it has the capacity to re shape the way you think and feel about your life and the world around you

OK What happened tell us about it

sing the song bro

From Arthur’s tambourine intro springs forth Little Red Book and i can’t Explain but everything is perfectly outtasite

The roar of the Spaceland’s Sould out audience’s cheers!

Not just cheers, but A welcome home roar that has been such a long time coming’ How Did it make me feel?

I was so Glad To be hear in the moment glad to wittiness a Folk Rock Resurrection with my friends and neighbors in complete contrast to the CNN nightmare of the past year,

This is Self expression re born Passion expressed in song that can only be described as Magical. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen by any band ever.

How’s that for starters?

this band has only just begun to build steam IF you are about to see them live soon be prepared change forever

At Spaceland, billing themeless as the Andmoreagains, this secret surprise show had such advance street buzz that the line Around Silver Lake Blvd., On A Tuesday Night Mind you, had already Grown To capacity even before the end of sound check

Alone Again Or, Orange Skies Between Clark and Hilldale, Singing Cowboy and She Comes in Colors all exploded, reverberating off the Silver Lake hills as if To say “I’ve been waiting my time again and that time is now This music is ready for another spin around the turntable of your mind”

Well, how did his voice sound?

Somehow MR. Lee has Tapped into his inner Johnny Mathis conjuring up notes that I bet most people thought he could only hit in the recording Studio I kid you not! he’s never sounded better and when you see the show you will see the Clear Light

Baby lemonade is the perfect band for Arthur, besides the fact that they may now be the longest consistent personal in Love history but because they were born to play this music The harmonies By Rusty Squeezebox and Mike Randle sound like 3 Arthur’s double tracked at the Record plant on analogue tape. and the steaming guitar Solos of MR. Randle during these two shows can only be descried as sizzling

as a Matter of fact I think I’m going to refer to him as the Sizzler from now on

However during the middle of Signed Dc Mr. Lee whips out his mouth organ playing with a soulful blues intensity that you can’t help be reminded that this man must be trans channeling some serious musical emotion

As if the Bending Harmonica Notes coming form Arthur’s mouth were somehow telepathically communicating

Been There

Done That

Now I’m back

Can you dig it?

I knew that you could