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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 11-15

Show #11-New Years Eve, 1993- at THE SPIRIT CLUB-San Diego, Calif.

This was a fun bash and a good way to bring in 1994. I remember wearing a cool dark brown/light brown two-tone shirt that night. And i loved that shirt but don’t know what happened to it? We played a long set and i remember the people really enjoying themselves, which is very typical of San Diego in that, people go out to have some FUN.

Show #12-July 3, 1994-THE WHISKEY

This was another one of those WILD CHILD shows but this time they brought Robbie K up to jam with them. Not much to say about this show except i remember the singer and i sitting in his car listening to one of his demos, “Pinky Pink Toes” or something close to that. I went home when the Doors group came on… Couldn’t get out of the Whiskey fast enough…

Show #13-July 21, 1994-THE STRAND-Redondo Beach, Calif.

Funny thing about this show is alot of our friends drove down to see this one. Also, it was the first time i met the Singer’s friend, Dennis Kelley, who brought his very attractive Daughter, Laura, with him. Until he introduced her as his daughter we thought he was some kind of pervert! At the time, she was a freshman at UNLV (Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas). (I recently got a card from her. She is now engaged to a very nice guy named Sean and just recieved her MASTERS degree in Molecular Biology.)

Show #13A-July 23, 1994-San Diego, Ca.-The FLASH CAFE

I totally remember this show, as the Flash Cafe was right next door to Jack Murphy Stadium, where the San Diego Padres play (it’s now called “Qualcom Park”)and the place was packed with the average age being around 21. This was a nice break from the “oldies” shows we were doing with Spirit. Recently, while at the SINGER’s house, he showed me a pix from this show; we were rocking but so was the crowd! This show was sponsored by some San Diego radio station. The next morning, Tom Sweeney took us all to IHOP for pancakes. How sweet, huh? Also, I think I mentioned that the STRAND was the only show where we played “Feathered Fish” but I was wrong because we played it here as well. So, if anyone has a recording of the STRAND show (july 21, 1994) or this FLASH CAFE show, they will have the only live versions of Feathered Fish in existence, as we never played it again after this show. Show #14-July 24, 1994-THE COACH HOUSE-San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

Ok, this is the “infamous” show where the “supposed” fight broke out between the Singer and bassist, Henry Lui. le tme say this for the record, The Singer LOVES Henry. Always has, always will. What happened onstage was taken out of context and, yes, Henry was pissed off BIG TIME. But he calmed down days later when he realised exactly what when on, which was nothing, really. Also, we opened up for SPIRIT.

Show #15-New Year’s Eve, 1994-HELL’s GATE-Hollywood, Calif.

Now, this show featured the Singer, a VERY inebriated MELVIN WHITTINGTON and myself, all on guitars. To say it was a disaster would be like calling Madonna promiscuis. This show STUNK. Tom booked it and, except for one more “Mike Lonn” booking, The Singer would be done with the novice, clueless promoters/ bookers we’d come to know over the last year or so. But this was defintiely Tom’s last show working with the Singer. Tom started with a bang, but when out with a wimper. Such is the rock and roll lifestyle.