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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 33-34

Show at the Rhytmeposten

Show #32-May 16, 2002-Odense, Denmark-RHYTMEPOSEN

We were back in Denmark and it was nearly 6 years to the day (it was actually May 19, 1996) since we first played this beautiful and old Danish city. I remember meeting up with Torben earlier in the day, around 3pm, at the club, right before soundcheck. It was good to see him again and the club made coffee for everyone.

The show wasn’t very well attended and most people were sitting down, so it was a bit of a rough show, but we all had a good time. After the show, everyone except the SINGER and I went back to the hotel. So we hung out with fans until about 2am. I called the Singer a taxi and took him back…but realized I left my jacket so I went back to the club and it was locked! I could hear people partying and stuff but I couldn’t knock loud enough!

Finally, this Danish couple (forget their names…) see me and invite me to come to a bar with them. They were fans and told me to forget the jacket for now and come drink with them. So I did and I got back to the hotel around 6am…

Show #33-May 17, 2002-Copenhagen, Denmark-PUMPHAUSET

It was great to be back in the “Hagen” again. We also checked into our usual hotel, the one we ALWAYS stay in when we come to Copenhagen. They seem happy to see us as well! I remember the Singer and all of us going out for Italian food that day and also the show was really fun. There were these two Swedish girls…can’t remember their names (why always these Swedish girls?) but they were working for a few days in Copenhagen and bought tickets to the show. They said they were going to the Gothenberg and Malmo shows next week but didn’t have tickets so I got em both a pair and said “see ya next week.”

Show #34-May 18, 2002-Randers, Denmark-TANTA OLGA

“Tanta Olga” is Danish for “Aunt Olga” and it was a fitting name, as this club SMELLED like Aunt Olga as well…But I recall this place being totally packed and it was a really fun show and a really nice crowd. Suzi Quatro played an outdoor show across the street as well. Also had a great “kabob” after the show. There were fans hanging out there and they were so nice and bought my Kabob as well!