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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 62-65

Show #62-July 31, 2002-Minneapolis, Mn.-FIRST AVENUE CLUB

This was my 2nd time playing at this great club where “Purple Rain” was filmed. The Singer lost his voice after the Seattle show but somehow he was able to pull the 1st ave. show off. I thought it was a good show. if anyone has a recording of that show, I’d be interested in hearing it.

After the show, we partied with some of daddyo’s friends till 4am. And we had an 8-hour drive the next day to Chicago…yikes!

Show #63-August 2, 2002-Chicago, Ill.-The DOUBLE DOOR

The day before, Chapple, (roadie) Chris, the Singer, and myself drove the passenger van to Chicago. It was about 90F and terribly humid. Since it was our day off we relaxed a bit at the hotel. Daddyo and Rusty spent an extra day in Minneapolis and drove up the day of the show, today.

it was a great day for me because my pedalboard had been mistakingly left behind in Seattle and Fed Ex delivered it at the Soundcheck so I was ready to rock. This show was really cool, despite the “video” incident between the singer and a woman from the audience. But it all got straightened out later so all was fine.

After the show, Nash Kato, from Urge Overkill, came backstage and chilled with the Singer and he and I chatted about our affinity for Steely Dan! Wilco also came to the show. This was my 2nd time playing the Double Door as well.

Show #64-August 3, 2002-Detroit, MI-The MAGIC STICK

I remember people selling crack right outside the venue in Detroit, ok? So, this could have been a weird show but it turned out great and Jack White and Meg White from the WHITE STRIPES came to the show and on the last 2 songs, the Singer pulled Meg onstage and gave her the tambourine, not having a clue who she was…just randomly picking her.

After the show, we chilled and had some drinks with some of the LOVE fans. Can’t remember her name, but one of the chicks from OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY sold t-shirts for us. Not blaming her, cause she was nice (and cute) but there were shirts missing at the end of the night (but, hey, that’s Detroit, huh?

Show #65-August 4, 2002-Cleveland, OH- The BEACHLAND BALLROOM

This show had a great turnout and even the club workers were totally cool, esp. the sound guy. The only bad thing was the chicken dinner the club served us that tasted like wood! After the show, Doug, from GUIDED BY VOICES hung out with us and really complimented the band, as well as my guitar playing (so, HA! take THAT!….only kidding!).

A couple of fans (actually they were married) came back to our hotel and had some beers with us. The husband (forgot his name…Scott, Maybe?) also came to the Buffalo show, which turned out to be the “make-up” show, due to our Canadian border problem.