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Countdown To A Decade: Shows

Show #73-August 25,2002-Kent, England-CANTEBURY FAYRE Festival

This Festival was put together and promoted by Glenn Povey, who runs “Second Wave Promotions” and who would also serve (although none of us knew it at the time) as our Tour Manager a week later when Mick Brown abruptly quit the tour. I remember the fans of all the groups that played as being very supportive and having a good time, despite all the mud and dirt everywhere. Our set was cut short and Rusty’s amp blew up as well. Not only did we keep running out of beer but, when I went to get a bite (with part-time Diary writer, Mel Cicero) around the bend, I slipped in the lake and, not one to drown alone, dragged Mel with me. But, we all enjoyed ourselves and Arthur Brown was the perfect emcee.

Show #74-August 27,2002-Leeds, England-The IRISH CENTER

Since Mick was from Leeds (and of course, a Leeds United supporter…), he knew a place to get Rusty’s amp repaired before this show, which was perfect timing. I remember rolling into the Irish Center and thinking to myself, “what a dump.” Was it a restaurant or a club? I know I shouldn’t say things like that…but it was also run very unprofessionally…they hired sound people that didn’t really do a decent job and there was no security so people were just strolling into the SINGER’s dressing room at will…This wasn’t my fave show although everyone else in the band liked it and so did many of the fans so that’s good. This is also the show where I started to feel weird with my throat, which I now know was traced to some Lasagne I had at a Northampton PREMIER LODGE a few days earlier, which eventually became a serious bacteria that spread to my ear and tonsils….and if it wasn’t for that gorgeous, delicious, sexy Doctor in Holland…

Show #75-August 28, 2002-Newcastle, England-The OPERA HOUSE

The Opera House happens to be one of the most incredible theatres I’ve ever been in. This turned out to be one of my favorite shows of this tour and the show was just as good. There were a lot of young people that got out of their seats and came up front, which we thought was really cool! Afterward, we hung out and talked to LOVE FANS Martyn and Lizzy B but by that time I was getting sicker and felt pretty bad. Also, Mick informed us that he was driving us to Colchester (so we could Ferry it to Rotterdam) and then removing himself from the tour. Oh, and that he was taking the splitter bus with him. Whups.