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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 76-77

Rotterdam, Nighttown 2002

Show #76-August 30,2002-Rotterdam, Holland-The NIGHTTOWN

By the time our ferry reached Rotterdam, I was in serious pain and practically unable to swallow or speak. The SINGER insisted the dutch driver get me to a doctor as soon as possible and, as soon as he dropped the other guys off at soundcheck, I was sped away to the nearest medical facility. Although I can’t remember her name, the doctor in question was a babe, no doubt. I felt better already!

So I got some pain pills and penicillin and went back to the hotel to rest. The show that night wasn’t half bad, although I felt some pain on and off and my friends from Paris, Claire and Lise Pillet drove down and I couldn’t even hang out with them because I was so sick. Couldn’t even hang out with the Freedom Man in his hometown!

Afterward, I walked across the street and got some wonton soup and casually strolled back to the hotel, turned on the TV and caught a good movie (forgot the name)…got some much-needed sleep…

Show #77-Sept. 1, 2002-Birmingham, England-The ACADEMY

I was still a bit in pain but starting to be able to eat a bit and met up with my London friend, Steve Edmond, for a late lunch not far from the venue. I remember having the hardest time finding this venue due to all the friggin construction in Birmingham.

But this show just kicked ass and is still my fave, as far as my guitar playing went. And I was bloody sober! Go figure! Birmingham seemed like a nice enough place and the locals (they call them “brummies”) were very cool folk. We hung out a bit after the show then went to our hotel, a very nice DAYS INN. Had to get some sleep before our drive to a place named CREWE.