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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 85-88

SHOW #85-Nov 27, 2002-Universal City, Ca.-B.B. King’s

All I can think of is the B.S. surrounding this show just days before, this being the most unprofessional show I’d ever been part of (out-doing the S.F. summer of love show by MILES), and something I really didn’t want to do it. The show was terrible, I nearly broke my ankle, we got yanked from the stage, security broke my guitar, the food was awful and every band that played that night was about 9 gazillion times worse than I could ever describe with words; Imagine having to take a cold bath on your birthday with OJ Simpson in Baghdad and you still wouldn’t even be CLOSE to how I felt!

SHOW #86-Dec 20, 2002-Brooklyn, Ny.-The Warsaw

I thought this show was an “8” in that, it sounded great and was fun but I was a little nervous as I spotted a guitar hero of mine, Ivan Julian, in the crowd. We’d had drinks the night before at a cool Manhattan dive on the lower east side till 3am and I knew he was coming, but I guess I still got nervous! But it was a good time and (stage director) Michael Fontaine did an excellent job. Later, Michael gave Chapple a CD of his that was spot on-a recreation of a Moby Grape classic (I forget which classic), and Michael had played all the instruments, did all the vocals, and produced and recorded it. Also had my first Polish beer, ZYWIEC, which was absolutely fabulous. ***********

SHOW #87-Dec 21, 2002-Brooklyn, Ny.-The Warsaw

Gene took us all out to dinner in Brooklyn before this show to some Polish restaurant that had Missy Elliot’s “Work It” blaring on the radio. Gene’s two young daughters knew the words and it crossed my mind that Gene had no idea what Missy was talking about “workin’.” I remember having the Lamb Shish-kebab and also being the only person who liked their food. Once we got back to the Warsaw, the club was packed and the show we played stands out as one of my all-time favorites. Later, after the show, I went to my fave Puerto Rican bar and drank beer and shots till 4am. The next morning (well, noon), I had a full metal hangover.

SHOW #88-Dec 28, 2002-Anaheim, Ca.-House of Blues

Who says it never rains on the happiest place on earth? The HOB is located in Downtown Disney, which is across the street from California Adventure and Disneyland. I couldn’t believe it, but people actually drove across the “Orange Curtain” to see us play. We don’t play Orange County too often, but when we do, well, it’s a reason to celebrate (not!) and, low and behold, even Richard Nixon was from Orange County. If you ever want to convert your own little town into an extreme, fiscally conservative city, look no further than Orange County. Now, the show was very fun and even though the crowd wasn’t exactly Manchester, they had a great time. I had a great time and it was raining! But, I must say, every time I visit Orange County I LAUGH OUT LOUD because, about 7 years ago, one of their city treasurers stole (well, they said he “inappropriately misdirected city funds”…HE STOLE, OK?) like BILLIONS of dollars and the city went BROKE. B-R-O-K-E broke. So the bastards had to BEG the state of California (whom they openly despise) for loans cause their own taxpayers voted down a 1/4 cent tax increase to cover the loss. Twenty-five percent of a PENNY! I’m laughing now, as a matter of fact.