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“LOVE plays Rotterdam and lives to talk about it”
March 30, 2003

We played the Motel Mozaique Festival last night to a very mellow (or were they stoned?) Dutch audience who seemed to “wake up” at the end and stand and give us an applause, which was heart felt! The show was fun and afterwards I met up with Ed “Freedom Man” Toussaint and his wife, for a chat. Also had the singer sign a photo for him that Scottish Keith had taken and mailed off to Ed.

Pix from Scottish Keith( not taken in R’dam)

Also, for those of you who I mentioned I’d have that live EP, I did at highland grounds available. forget about it. Although I will save the WHOLE story for those of you on the TRAVEL SONGS list ( if you ain’t on it, it’s: travelsongs@yahoo.com ), I DID mail the only copy to Martyn Samuels, in South Africa. Actually, the NEW GUY has the original but I sent the copy the new guy gave me to Martyn cause Martyn had already mailed me 5 Bob! But I suggest you e-mail Martyn; he’s not too hard to find, or you can trade with the NEW GUY…there’s no way I could morally charge anyone dosh for that CD. Problem is, I had 1 too many before the show and…well…I suppose you just have to hear it for yourself; I just can’t be responsible for getting it to you. Trust me; yer better off without it.

Now, I am, upon my return from Australia, gonna record my 2nd solo record and initially release it on my own label in May 2003. Yep. But I’ll save that info for Travel Songs subscribers, as to not congest the Diaries with my own personal endeavors (ok, who am I kidding?….)

So, tomorrow, we fly into London and play the Scala. I hear there’s a pub action -a-happening before the show… I guess the closest in proximity would be a fair guess. who knows…I’ll find it… I always seem to! But for now, I am going to walk around Rotterdam on my day off and take in this nice, fun and interesting city. Next stop, London!

Mike Randle


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