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Mike Randle


“Sydney Rox”
April 18, 2003

The first night off, wed, I went to a bar called CROWN HOTEL BAR, which was some sort of betting place and working class drinking hole. I decided to take Martyn’s advice and sample some local Aussie beer. I started with Toohey’s new, then went to Toohey’s old…then it was on to “Cooper’s” then I tried about 10 other beers (all half pints) and most were good, though nothing blew my mind. One of the managers, Shane, came over and bought me a few rounds (he was curious why i was writing up the beers) and then we headed to another bar and drank for like 2 hours…then we came back and then i walked to my hotel…but it was 2am and I was hungry so I taxi’d to the food part of town but nothing was open so I went to Mc Donald’s (I know, bad idea) and had a Big Mac (really bad idea) and then went back and crashed out after watching TV till 5am…and slept till soundcheck thursday (5pm!)… Came back afterwards and got a kabob (you know me)..then went to play the show around 10pm…went and said hello before the show to Laura Good and her Hubby, Dave, and then we hit the stage about 10:20…played a 2 hour show…had beers afterwards and kinda chilled and wathced the rest of the go go show (we had go go dancers before and after the show!)…bartender was kind enough to give Rusty and I free beers and a shot of Jamieson’s…so that was nice…Matrix did an excellent job teching and Rob did wonders on the sound board… Afterwards, we all went back to the hotel and, being beat, everyone hit the hay around 2am…I fell asleep with a good memory of the show…that it was one of the funnest yet, and that the crowd were amazing..singing the songs (silently, lipping most lyrics, reverently)…and the Venue, the GAELIC club, was one heck of a place…great sound…and guess what? The club’s cross street was none other than RANDLE street! Go figure.

Mike Randle


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