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A Diary
October 5, 2004

(Editor’s Note: Mike called me and asked me to take down a sort of puddle of consciousness and call it a “Diary” and post it off to the Freedom Man, so here goes:)

Last night, after all day in Grand Junction, Glenn, Rusty, Chapple, Frasier, and myself went to Appleby’s in GJ. We had a great dinner, lots of beer, it was really fun and Glenn had BBQ ribs and the funny thing was to see BBQ sauce all over an Englishman’s face. The queen would not have been happy. Afterwards, we went back to the bus, drank some beers and everyone went to bed except me and Frasier. Frasier surfed the satellite dish and landed on a funny soft-porn movie called Bikini Airline. After an hour I left Frasier and went to sleep. Frasier must have stayed up till an unbelievable hour because he slept in until 2:00 PM today. We drove halfway through the Rockies, and stopped in Vail, now known for the Kobe Bryant trial. This place is a beautiful ski resort city. Stopped and got a really great ham sandwich and talked to Hannah on the phone. She helped arrange a photo shoot in Philadelphia next week for cool alternative music magazine Magnet who are going to feature me in an upcoming issue with an interview that I already did a couple of days ago. I gave them the option not to do a piece on me since my album hasn’t been released in the US but they apparently like the record so much they want to do it anyway in hopes a label is fond of music would like to put it out. We finished our drive through the Rockies watching TV, drinking beer and laughing and fucking with Frazier. Today’s big money winner was Chapple in blackjack, and Kose won playing backgammon. Rusty took the money back playing craps later on. Also, Frasier bought a football at Walmart in Colorado Springs. Man, were those European guys BLOWN AWAY by Walmart. We had to explain the political implications to them but they were still impressed. They could not believe how much shit was in there. Also, all those cornfed American girls here in the heartland are totally taken with Frasier’s Scottish accent. He’s now been dubbed the “International Lover.” Got to Greeley about 3:00 PM. Greeley Colorado makes Covina California look like Berkeley in the 1960s. If there is a city that is more worthless than Greeley, Colorado you have to excuse me for not knowing about it. This place sucks. Got settled in a hotel about 5:00 PM. Keep in mind, only Arthur, Johnny and Scott (Mr. Lee’s assistant) have rooms tonight – with one day room to take showers in. The rest of us get to stay in the bus, which we prefer. Hotel rooms are very cheap here but the bus is better. Anyway, we just wanted a good meal after a long day so we went to the local bar-restaurant around the corner called the State Armory which is pretty much a jarhead hangout, although tonight there was almost nobody there. We ask for a really good beer – it’s apparent they want to push some type of Coors on us, to which anyone who knows me knows I can’t stand for that. So finally, this really, really, really dumb waitress (not cute in the slightest) advises us on a “microbeer” they sell called Aspen. This turned out to be a lo-carb Coors/cousin that tasted terrible. Glenn and I immediately spit it out: — (Newsflash: Daddyo just missed a 3 foot putt in the parking lot – Daddyo, Rusty, Chapple and Frasier are putting in the freezing parking lot — Daddyo just redeemed himself with a really nice putt) and then we asked about the microbeer. She brought us another pitcher but wouldn’t take the first pitcher back so Glenn asked to speak to the manager. For the next hour Glenn had to ask for the manager 7 times and each time we got a different excuse. We never did see the manager. Everyone’s food was awful. The address is 701 E. 8th Street and I would advise you to avoid this place unless you are going to Iraq in which case you need to get used to the treatment. We ended up paying 4 bucks for the pitcher. Meanwhile, we had all been drinking steadily and Frasier made a comment about English politics and it was a fairly neutral statement but Glenn had to make a comment about the Scottish people and Frasier called Glenn a cunt. Anyway, they laughed it off – just a lighthearted tiff in re: the kingdom. So, then Kose, Glenn and Pete went to hotel bar and the rest of us went back to the bus and watched something on TV that had a bunch of lesbians on it and drank Jack Daniels and watched Trading Places, then I went outside to talk to the New Guy and Dave and Troels came out to play golf in the freezing parking lot to play golf and then the rest joined in but now everyone’s back inside getting warm and that’s where I’m going now too.

Special Thanks to The New Guy

Mike Randle


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