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Day 25 Day Off In Birmingham
February 29, 2004

split Liverpool around noon. Snow was on the ground. England is so damn cold. How come people in Liverpool don’t just move to Florida? Birmingham was just as cold (surprise!) and we checked into our hotel. that was fun, as it always is fun checking into hotels. sorry, i am being cheeky cause today is the 29th of feb but i am pretending it’s the 25th so it maintains continuity. but truth be told, i am at my friends house, his name’s Richard Meeham. he really likes comic books. he has a load of them. and so we are drinking pints in his flat and watching really silly DVDs. sorry…Dr Who…i stand corrected. ok, back to Birmingham. so it was our day off and we just chilled and i went walking around and stuff and then i got some food. yep. and then i watched some tv. oh, Richard asked, “what food didja have in birmingham?” and i say, “well Richard, ol pal of mine, i cannot remember because, personally, i am absolutely pissed right now. speaking of which, could you please pass me my beer?” ok. back to the diary. Richard is laughing himself silly. where’s my beer dammit!!!!! Richard!!!!!!!! Richard Meehan…!!!!!!!!!!!!! whups, here it tis…. ok…so, after that i went to the hotel bar and played pool with Bent. we played 2 games. He won 1 and I won 1. Bent cheated. the bastard…went to bed around 2am…