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Day 81
April 26, 2004

The Diary working on The Diary Photo by Torben

Woke up at 9.30 to Chapple’s alarm (but no Chappel) and so I went down and had breakfast (salami, ham, pumpernickel toast, coffee, orange juice, grapefruit and cereal) and then went back to sleep. Woke up again at 2.30. Showered and got dressed and went down to lobby. Troels drove us to soundcheck about 5 pm. Torben and Aake were there, as well as Bent, who’d ridden his motor bike to hangout.

During soundcheck, I broke the plastic bar that holds my front guitar pick up. From playing too hard I guess. After soundcheck Chapple fixed it by cutting out a piece of a compact disc tray and superglue. Plugged guitar in and it sounded better then ever.

We hit the stage about 9pm (an hour late) and played a good show, though the beginning was a bit shabby. After the show, Bent and Troels took us to their friends bar across town. Our friends, Felix, Liselott, Helena, Aake and Torben came as well. We had a “right piss-up” and I think I had way too much cause I kept making Liselott pose with me in photos! I had an idea for my album artwork. Don’t know if it worked!

Well about 3am everyone said goodbye and Chapple and I taxied to the kebab place by the square. We ate well and stagered back to our hotel. It was a bad job done well. And about 4am I crashed out on my bed and bid Copenhagen goodnight.

Mike Randle


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