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Thank You
July 31, 2005

I am sitting here in a Venice cafe writing this, as my computer has some sort of virus (when I try to connect my DSL, some weird site called ‘brainfox’ high jacks my computer and won’t allow me on the net. I get that ‘page cannot be displayed’ thing.) so i aint read no emails since monday night. i want to say, i’d gotten a bunch of encouraging emails…i shouldnt even say I, i should say, WE, the group, the band…Johnny, Chapple, Daddyo, Rusty and myself..WE recieved over 60 emails in my personal account. in my Travel Songs account, there were over 100. except for 3 emails, each one i opened was beyond supportive, just wonderful in every since. as one guy put it, a real fan of LOVE would be behind you guys all the way. another person said his long and winding trip to Frome (hell by the river) was ‘pay back’ for the joy and love we brought to him in bristol a few years back. my computer is down and sometimes i’m down but everyone has their own problems and everyone has to get out of their own hole. that’s part of life. but i’d be lying if i didn’t say how much we appreciate the total class act you folks are and how wonderful it is to meet up in a pub in Newcastle or a bar in Boston and have drinks and wax on about music and why anyone feels the way they do about it. So, thank you, everybody, that has hung in their with us and continue to believe in the music. i’m done spreading the dirt thin, as i think everyone get’s the idea. some people are really and truly clueless and well, i’ve told them what they can do with their copies of ‘love on earth must be’ !LOL! So here’s wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and a blissful end to a strange July.

all the best,

Mike Randle


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