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May 3 2010

Well, Hannah and I just got back from a very much-needed Holiday in Ensenada, Mexico, and although we’d heard of violence and kidnappings and all that stuff going on in Mexico in general, all we did was nurse Pina Coladas, sit by the pool and play Bingo.

So we’re back home and while I type this Hannah is watching Paul Weller perform on Jonathon Ross. I’ve officially removed myself from Facebook simply because I never use it and never have time for it. Other than that I think it’s great for people.

John Einarson’s book will be out in just a few weeks. I, like, everyone else, can’t wait to check it out. It’s impossible to tell the entire Love story with one book but if this book is anything like his other books (like the excellent one on the Buffalo Springfield, which I’ve read, it should make for a good and interesting read. I haven’t a clue how the book turned out and haven’t read a review yet or anything, although my pal Dennis Kelley says there is a Mojo review. I’ll have to search for that.

Other than that, I’m working on my book and scheduling some shows here in California for Love Revisited. Her Awesomeness, Tina Winter, has set up a Love Revisited FaceBook page (which has jumped to nearly 400 friends in less than a week!)with the help of a longtime friend, Love fan, Liz Barnett, so keep an eye on that space.

And don’t touch that dial…
All the best,

Mike Randle

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