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Rick & The Ravens Radio Show 1997 1 CD

It was recorded in California in 1997 as The Doors box set was released.
It’s a local show that is all about surf music. Therefore, Ray is the guest and is talking about his surf band that preceded The Doors- Rick and the Ravens.

However, joining Ray in the studio is none other than Jim Manzarek!! How cool. You hear Ray and Jim talk about their group in this hour-long radio show. They were covering all sorts of topics. They talk about how Ray nearly broke his wrists when his brothers had him try riding a skateboard. They talk about how after Ray moved out to California to go to UCLA, he insisted to his family that they all move out there, too (which they did).

All in all, it’s an incredibly fantastic radio show. Ray repeats a few of the old standard Doors stories, but most of the show is brand new stuff. Hearing Jim and Ray together is incredible, and they’re constantly cracking each other up, just having a great time.

At one point in the show, Ray tells Jim to describe The Turkey Joint West, and as Jim explains it, Ray laughs and laughs. They then share stories about how the drummer of the group “Vinnie” would get “totally blitzed on wine coolers” at the Turkey Joint West. Absolutely priceless.