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Phantom’s Divine Comedy

audio 40:33

—1 > Tales From A wizard
—2 > Devil’s Child
—3 > Calm Before The Storm
—4 > Half A Life
—5 > Spiders Will Dance(on your face while you sleep)
—6 > Black Magic/White Magic
—7 > Merlin
—8 > Stand beside My Fire
—9 > Welcome To Hell

An LP record called Phantom’s Divine Comedy was released also in 1974. This was rumored to be Jim Morrison singing with an anonymous band with the names of “drummer X, bassist Y, and keyboardist Z”. The music reportedly resembled Jim Morrison’s sound quite well. All this again added and sparked the rumor mills, and stirred public fascination.

The vocals, guitar, songwriting, and some of the keys were the Late Arthur Pendragon, Michigan native. There are a few
photos of Arthur and Ray Manzarek and Iggy Pop. The rest of the
players. Jim Roland…Drums Harold Breedlees …Bass and Russ Klat…..Keys.
Recorded at Pampa studio’s Warren Mi.

Thanks to Gary Gawinek for the info!

I also have the remix, done at Abbey Road studio, by radioactive records in London!