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Vincent Treanor III

Road Manager for The Doors,

December 26 1967-January 19 1972

THE GOLD MIKE – 1968.04

That is a story in itself. There was a fellow who worked at Yale Radio. His name was Don. For whatever reason he made me his most preferred customer. It was in the first week of April. I was getting ready for the next performances. One day I went in to Yale Radio to buy some small things. Don was behind the counter as usual.

When he saw me he got all excited and waved to me to go behind the counter into the vast labyrinth of shelving. This place was like the

Carlsbad Caverns with walkways winding between endless rows of shelving. We finally arrived at the storage area for Microphones. Don didn’t say anything. He reached back into the shelf and pulled out a black leather mike case and opened it.

The sight sort of took my breath away. Inside, in a red velvet liner, lay a Gold EV-676 mike. It was absolutely beautiful. He wanted me to buy it for Jim – and there was only one of these that had ever been in that store. In fact, I later came to learn, there had only been about 100 of them ever made and usually these were reserved for Celebrity clubs or performers. I gave Don a deposit to hold the mike. The next day, with my bank account somewhat reduced, I became the owner of the only 676-G that Yale Radio ever sold.