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"Stroll down memory lane and, anyone got season 4 (episodes 40-52)?"




I hurt my back lifting an amplifier on friday so I am pretty much taking it
easy this weekend, especially since rehearsals are next week, as well as the
USA dates. On a good note, The Dodgers have won 10 straight games-guess I
should have bet on them, leaving them a mere game and a half behind the SF
Giants. I plan to go to a home game June 8, when we host the Chicago Whitesox,
since there aren't any home games before we leave for San Francisco saturday
morning, on the 31st.

Got an e-mail from John E. He was reminiscing about the '96 LOVE show at the
Powerhaus in London, which happens to be a fave of all of us. Now, THAT was a
special show. It was also the very first time YOU SET THE SCENE was performed
onstage, which came about because Jazmaan (who accompanied us on that entire
trip) and Rusty egged the Singer on until he gave in. It was a splendid moment
and one memory that will forever stay with me is the guy who, right after the
"i wanna love you but, oh..wo...wo...wo" part (where the music pretty much
stops) he had his eyes closed and just said, "Oh my f*cking God!" in one of
those tight west london accents.

Here in America, we celebrate memorial day on monday. Please don't kill me but
i have no idea what it is. My guess is it's like veteran's day but more
official. However, more importantly, it's a great time to watch Season four of
the SOPRANOS. Except for one problem; I have't seen it. Does anyone out there
(in North America) have it taped on VHS? If so, can you get in touch with me?
I would love to borrow it for a few weeks and I'd promise to return it in
whatever condition it arrives in. Also, thanks again to Scottish Keith and that
bloke in Dublin...you done good. And I disagree with Keith (and agree with
John E.; tix COULD be higher!)



Mike Randle



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