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The Castle – the world’s only Arthur Lee & Love fanzine

For over 10 years now, the Castle – the world’s only Arthur Lee & Love fanzine – has been exploring & spreading the word on Love! It is a treasure trove archive of memorabilia, photographs & articles, containing contemporary reviews, hard-to-find material, exclusive reader’s photographs etc. It is pledged to unearthing every piece of the complex puzzle of this mysterious band – steeped as they are in rock legend and myth. Each issue is crammed full of themed material – exploring a period of Love’s history or a particular album or tour. The first 13 volumes are 100 pages – spiral bound – with 2 colour card covers. From volume 14 to the current 25, the Castle changed the format to a more compact 52 pages on art paper. It is highly collectible at only 100 copies a volume & is prized by researchers and writers alike when working on articles, biographies, obituaries, liner notes & books on the band. The editor has contributed regularly to magazines such as Mojo, Record Collector, Classic Rock, etc., and assisted record companies such as Rhino, Sundazed and WEA, when booklets for CD’s etc. are being prepared. Hence, the Castle has become a focal point for all who are obsessed with this intriguing and legendary band. Close links have been formed with members of Love past & present, including a close co-operation on the part of Elizabeth McKee – mother of Bryan Maclean. Also, the Castle is the magazine that Arthur reads! The Castle really is a labour of love & here at the Big Sky Studio, all 25 volumes are available through mail order, direct from the editor:

PE13 4NQ.

DECEMBER 12 2004


a message from David Housden

In and exciting new development here at Castle Towers the format of the Castle has Changed! We now have 100 pages & in a flat bound volume that follows the Mojo / Record Collector style ie having a bound edge with title etc. running downthe spine, so it can be identified on the bookcase/shelf.I’m very pleased with how it looks-despite being disappointed this time with the darkness of various groups of the smaller photographs.Despite having spent #200 plus on the process of having them prepared as camera ready artwork – through the computer & printed off – which has always worked OK in the past.Basically the printer blamed the photographer.However my printer has assured me this will not recur as he will now scan the photographs for me & individually treat them for lightness / clarity.He will de-screen picture from magazines & newspapers to get rid of the dots & internet print outs will be lightened using the threshold method on the screen – set for ‘1’ before being printed & added to my original artwork for each issue.So please rest assured the problem will not recur.
Now with the new format the subscription price / individual volume price has changed.I wil now do a SIX ISSUE SUBSCRIBTION – IE THREE DOUBLE ISSUE VOLUMES – which actually works out cheaper for the reader at £5 an issue instead of £6.Each issue is costing me over £630 to have 100 printed plus postage for the UK of £1.50 per volume (with inserts) ie £4.50 for 3; European postage is £2.50 ie £7.50 for 3; USA postage is £4.50 ie £13.50 for 3 & ROW postage is £5 ie £15 for 3.SO A UK SUB WILL NOW BE SET AT £30 (ie 6 ISSUES AT £5 EACH – EACH VOLUME CONTAINING TWO ISSUES); A EUROPEAN SUB IS SET AT £38; A USA SUB AT £44 & A SUB ROW IS £45.
So I hope you are excited – as I am by the change in the Castle – it enables me to present more material in each volume at once & attempt to catch up more quickly with Arthur – so that I can then present more ‘archive material’ – which I
have been gathering over these recent years while I have been filing the pages of the Castle with material from the hectic touring that LOVE has maintained.
So in summary the new subscription charges are:

Informative flyers are available , backgrounding each issue, for those who wish to ‘cherry pick’ their favourite period of Love; build up their collection selectively; or buy from number 1 & add issues gradually over the years! The choice is yours. The choice is the Castle – the Love connection!
Back issues up to Castle 25 are at the old prices!

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