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LOVE Goodies

Here is some Arthur Lee & LOVE stuff that I have……
(I know, call me mad!)

Starting off with a great item, not in my collection (wish I had!) but from a good friend of mine Tony Fornaro. Forever Changes LP is signed by all LOVE members except Ken Forssi. Also, there’s Snoopy, and from Elektra, Bruce Botnick and Jac Holzman

Signed by Arthur Lee in Rotterdam 2003 & LOVE‘s First LP, US, Mono.Sig. Arthur Lee

Signed by Michael Stuart-Ware, Gary Rowles and Arthur Lee

Postcard Avalon Ballroom 1968, Fillmore card 1970

LOVE Tickets, same Venue, pure coincidence that I got them

CD Covers signed by Gary Rowles and Michael Stuart-Ware

Four Sail CD covers, 2 Guitar picks by Jay Donnellan
and Pegasus Carousel signed by Michael Stuart-Ware

Galaxy Theatre Poster. December 26, 2003, & “The” LOVE + Sons Of Adam Poster 3rd printing & Amsterdam 2002 Melkweg poster signed by Arthur Lee & Continental show Poster & LOVE “Aussie” 2003 Poster & Lemon Tree show Poster 2004

LOVE setlist taken at Motel Mozaique Festival. Rotterdam March 2003

LOVE photocard from Elektra. Signed by Michael Stuart Ware
LOVE cd covers signed by Arthur Lee & Johnny Echols
Signed by all Tour 2002 T-Shirt
Drumsticks signed by Michael Stuart-Ware
Glimpse of Michael Stuart-Ware in the movie "Slender Thread"